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Well Sevices Supervisor

Oil & Gas
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
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The Supervisor is accountable for the safe, professional planning and the execution of projects. They

are self-motivated and capable of fulfilling the role of Supervisor with a strong sense of team

involvement, information sharing, mutual support and the highest standard supervising all work

scopes. Work with a heightened awareness of HSEQ, ensuring safety is priority. The ability to

challenge conventional methods of working and to examine options and possible solutions within

reason prior to seeking advice from the onshore Operations Manager.

The position is primarily based onshore in the U.K with regular offshore working determined by

business requirements, although this can change to being overseas in locations such as Norway.

The ad-hoc nature of the projects undertaken can result in irregular work rotas varying between short

term to long term periods dependent on each workscope requirement.


The Supervisor is responsible for, but not limited to;

Assisting the Project team leader and other supervisors to deliver a first class, safe service whilst

on site.

Manage & mentor team members- Supervisors, Operatives & Technicians.

Protect Pipetech Technology and brand.

Service and maintain Pipetech plant and equipment.

Planning of labour and equipment requirements.

Responsible for mobilising, manifesting and certifying all necessary plant items.

Ensuring all work carried out is performed in accordance with Pipetech Aqua milling and Aqua

sonic procedures.

Lead the team in a professional manner during the execution of projects ensuring they are

correctly instructed and supervised with regard to the work in hand.

Demonstrate high levels of motivation with an enthusiasm to share knowledge.

Completion of all on workscope paperwork including post job reporting.

Daily reporting to the Project leader/Operations Manager.

Report from site on all injuries, accidents and near misses.

Interact with client representative/s on site.

Maintain the Intellectual Property of the Company during field operation.

Submission of Customer Satisfaction form/FPAL.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is of the highest priority in all activities.

Ensuring all work carried out is performed in accordance with Pipetech procedures and in line with

client site

specific processes and safety culture.

Classification: Sensitive

Complete and carry out onsite task based risk assessment to identify additional risks and hazards

involved in

the work prior to work commencing.

Ensure correct valid permits and appropriate paperwork is in place prior to work commencing.

Carry out onsite daily toolbox talks and confirm that everyone in the team understands what the


involves and discuss any changes to the work or worksite.

Stop work if identifying an unsafe act or potential hazard.

Ensure all plant and equipment has been fully checked and function tested prior to use.

As a minimum no work will commence until satisfied all of the above is in place.

Andrew Close | 01224 288150 |
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